Mark and May

“During my 15 years leading Kohler Co. Kitchen & Bath NPD and Global Industrial Design I had the great pleasure of directly working with John on a wide variety of inventive projects. The manual bidet seat was one highlight where our work directly, and through coaching of NPD staff, delivered an inventive step with real consumer benefit and implemented an innovation process and mindset to an organization that had become limited by an incremental improvement/fast follower mindset.”

– Mark Joynson-Bickerstaffe, Co-Founder & Director of Mark & May Ltd

“John is eager to innovate, after novel technologies pass his rigorous and thorough judgment.”

– Dr. Edin E. Balic, CEO at SUISSENANO SA

“When I began working with John, I found that he quickly grasped what a sustainability lens could contribute to material and process innovation. He understands the full definition of sustainability- environmental, social, and economic- and how to view sustainability claims with a critical eye. That openness was also a gigantic benefit to my team as we learned how to better manage the practical constraints of material and design changes and improve our own credibility. I’m grateful for his influence.” 

– Jeff Zeman, MBA, Principal True North Collective