Teu Tech Consulting excels in comprehensive problem-solving by understanding critical parameters, defining solutions, and fostering collaborative partnerships. Our expertise extends to supporting new product development, integrating strategies for cost reduction, quality improvement, sustainability, and competitive differentiation, all backed by thorough analysis and testing.

Empowering innovation through experience

Meet John Teubert

John Teubert, Principal Teu-Tech Consulting, has 35+ years of experience understanding opportunities and collaborating with others to develop new products and solve diverse problems across multiple industries & markets.

John’s experience ranges from cost sensitive consumer goods to alloy development for mission critical components. Across this spectrum one thing is consistent: an understanding of what problem is being solved (along with performance criteria) must be established at the outset of the development effort. Experience has shown this to be one of the biggest challenges in New Product Development regardless of the product or industry.

TTC’s strength is being able to objectively help teams understand the critical aspects of their problems / new product needs and quantifying the decision criteria to accept potential solutions. Also, because of our objectivity, we can help teams pivot away from the “favorite” solution when it doesn’t meet the necessary criteria to make the new product different from competition or successful in the marketplace. Often, the solution entails connecting with the right partners to leverage technologies in new ways & create optimal solutions. This experience and network create insights & perspective that enhances the strategic guidance TTC can provide.

John is a strategist, coach, & connector who is passionate about helping companies improve their products. Please contact to see if his background & experience are a good fit for your needs.